Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My First comic strip

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Stupid funny stuff

Botched Street completion
These are called topes or speed bumps.  Although we do not like them, they are useful in residential neighborhoods, to slow the traffic down. My question is to what speeds did the adept or inept road crew think a vehicle could attain within its own car length. What is really funny is thinking how the situation developed.
Follow with me as I paint the picture. 
Stupid crew: "Boss we can do this. how long have we been working for you?"
Foreman: "Not long enough! You need two topes at..."
Stupid Crew: "ut ut ut  we know! We got it, don't worry.'
Foreman: "Yeah, like that's going to happen, just get it right, cause if you botch this up, so help me..."
      The Crew of two - Dumb and dumber - arrive at the street in question.  Now the logic is, have them, the speed bumps, near the beginning and end of a street so that one cannot build up a high velocity, thus protecting the children playing in the street.  Maybe we should not focus on their intelligence, but on their being lazy.
Stupid is: "There the perfect tope!"
Stupid does: "Yeah great! But you said you knew where to put the other."
Stupid is: "Yeah, duh!  Look it's not that hard we just go down that way and put another one. Simple as that!"
Stupid does: "I don know it's awfully far, and I don't want to load all this stuff in to the truck and then unload it again."
Stupid is: "yeah you're right, its late and I'm tired.  He really didn't tell us WHERE to put it, he just said to put two"
Stupid does: "Right, so I say we put the other one right there on the other side of our truck."
Stupid is: "sound s good to me."
No doubt they are now fighting for a spot at the traffic light, cleaning headlights for change. 7X5NAYP89FZF

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Friday, July 29, 2011

This is not a joke!

This was in the middle of the interection:
We came upon this interesting sight shortly after a long, heavy rain.  The roads in México are at times in very bad condition, but especially during the rainy season. Everything they use to fill these craters washes away when the streets flood. We do not know if this was put here by the city road crew (lol), by a concerned neighbor, or if some poor sap lost it while passing over this mini sinkhole. The tragedy is, this is not a temporary “solution.” 
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